“‘There were three things that I was absolutely certain of. 1, Natalia and the Dark Army were coming to capture and kill me. 2, Romeo and Leonardo were now both dead. 3, Everything and everyone that I ever loved had been taken away from me. Vanished when Midgard died, along with the rest of my world. 
Considering all things, I knew that I would die. If I were to die here, in their world, against my free will, I wouldn’t be going silently. Not without a fight.”
                                                                      -Juliet, The Crown Jewel  

Juliet would have never considered killing Romeo if it were not for her mother’s confession and agreement to assist with the assassination of the King. Juliet knew that death for King Romeo was inevitable and necessary.

Killing Romeo wasn’t what troubled her most. It was the fact that her own life was now at stake. She felt cornered, with her back against the wall. She knew that she would have to fight to protect those she loved most. She wouldn’t allow herself to be the cause of Leonardo’s death. It is then that Juliet discovers the true meaning of love and that sometimes the price of love comes with a cost of death…

This is the story of a girl with the world on her shoulders and the golden crown at her feet, willing to risk it all for love. The tale of Romeo and Juliet has been told many times and in many different ways. But never like this… What an unforgivable sin…